Hi there, thanks for taking time to visit my blog. My name is Audrey Lewis, and I'm a busy Mom of 5 kids living in the Boise, Idaho area. I've always had a passion for taking pictures, but I really fell in love once I started having my own children. I realized how fast they grow up, and I wanted to capture every little moment I could so that I don't ever forget these precious years. I love photographing children, there's just something so magical about seeing the world through a childs eyes. I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

A Few Sessions

I've been such a bad blogger! I've had a few people ask why I never post pictures from my sessions anymore. I guess it's just because I haven't had much time to blog, I'm to busy getting people their pictures (and taking care of 5 busy kiddos that have been very sick lately). Since I don't have time to post a bunch from each session, I thought I'd just share a couple from several sessions.

I love this family, I've taken their pictures since I first started, it's so fun to watch them grow up.


Sorry Julie, I couldn't resist, this picture of all three of them just cracks me up. I promise we got a good one, but where's the fun in posting that? You're amazing with these three, I don't know how you do it. They're adorable.


My beautiful sister-in-law's family. Love these guys!


My beautiful baby sitter. She fits right in with my kiddos with that red hair I love so much. I don't know what I'm going to do when she's off to college!


Oh how these guys make me laugh! This is my adorable sisters cute family, love them!



Dana said...

You have been busy! Kelly looks awesome in these! I would love to know where they were taken (the alley and the house).

Julie said...

I love that you posted that picture! We actually got that one in a bigger size because we all loved it!

I'm just amazed at how good you are--these pictures are just so good! I really love that one of Sheri's family and your little sister's too! Her little girl is so big! Thanks again for doing our pictures, we have been loving them!