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Sweet Birthday Girl!

I don't know where the year went! This time last year I was holding my tiny new baby in my arms and trying to memorize everything about her, her sweet little nose, her long eyelashes, and her cute little lips. Oh how I loved her then, and oh how I love her now. She has been such a blessing, how I wish I could stretch this first year out a little longer. She's grown up so much, and I'm so smitten by the little sweetie that she's become. It's been such a joy to watch her learn and grow. I'm so blessed to be her Mama. I had a hard time putting her to bed tonight after she fell asleep in my arms, I just wanted to hold her and squeeze her a little longer, memorize all those beautiful little features again, and her delicious baby smell. I know how quickly the next birthday will come...to fast for my liking. I haven't had time to finish editing this session yet, but I had to share a few of her on her birthday. I love you sweet girl, Happy Birthday!

My little Newborn:


One year later, all grown up!



Isn't she yummy!


Laura said...

It's crazy that it's already been a year! Kali is soooo beautiful. I love these pictures of her, they're really gorgeous. It looks like she was having lots of fun too!

Harley said...

I bet she is sweet! She looks very happy, congratulations! And good photos :D

Kurt, Amy and kids! said...

Beautiful! I know what you mean... I find myself saying, I want to remember this moment forever! She is adorable. And I love the bridge and the colors.. I love it all!