Hi there, thanks for taking time to visit my blog. My name is Audrey Lewis, and I'm a busy Mom of 5 kids living in the Boise, Idaho area. I've always had a passion for taking pictures, but I really fell in love once I started having my own children. I realized how fast they grow up, and I wanted to capture every little moment I could so that I don't ever forget these precious years. I love photographing children, there's just something so magical about seeing the world through a childs eyes. I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

9 Months

Well, she's almost 10 months old, but I'm finally getting around to posting a few of her 9 month pictures. My super sweet, talented, and amazing friend Laura let me come over to do a little session with all of her fun stuff. There's just something so beautiful about natural light, it was fun to do something different. Kali is getting SO hard to photograph now that she can crawl all over the place. She has no interest in looking at me and just wants to get anywhere but where I want her. But thanks to Laura and Alison's help, I managed to get a few. Thanks for the fun afternoon Laura!


Ha, I think this is the only way to photograph her these days, stick her holding onto a chair with nowhere to go. Luckily she thinks she's such a big girl when I do it and gets so excited. It was so fun to finally use my new chair.



Oh, I love her! Looking at these just makes me want to smother her with kisses.



alison said...

these turned out so sweet! i just love the one of her standing. what a doll.

Julie said...

These are so cute! She just has such a sweet look to her. It was fun getting to see her a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to tell you that we left a bottle nipple and ring there, a dark blue one. Do you mind bringing it when you come? When are you guys coming? It'll be fun to see you again!

Laura said...

These are all so cute. It's fun to finally see them. That last one is one of my faves of Kali ever. So so adorable!

will and tiff said...

so many yummy ones, you will have start making wallpaper out of all these beauties! she is sooo cute and sweet. love the colors! :> hope to catch you soon one of these days :>

will and tiff said...

ps. cute blog upgrade :> very classy too. love it.

Kurt, Amy and kids! said...

So cute! I love her sweet face and her gorgeous eyes. And I love your new blog look. Fun!